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I've looked at the API docs for the Twitter Streaming API and looked at some similar questions on here, but they either don't address my specific problem or they relate to older versions of the API.

Q: Is there an ID field, or similar property, that can allow me to make the connection between a retweet and its original source tweet?

I understand there are some properties on each tweet, but they don't seem to give me the fullest picture:

  • retweeted: should always be false for tweets that are streamed? As they won't have time to be retweeted?
  • retweet_count: again, should always be 0 for newly harvested tweets?
  • retweet_status.retweet_count: this seems the most useful so far, gives me the total running retweet count for a single retweet, but with the streaming I will still get duplicate tweets, is there some kind of source_tweet_id that I can use to determine duplicates?

Probably the way I would do it at the moment would be to look at the message strings for matches.

Thanks, Adam

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When you receive a retweet object, it should contain a property named retweeted_status that contains the ID of the tweet that's being retweeted. Look at the response from the example request for the retweets API:

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Excellent! It doesn't seem to catch the 'quote retweets' though, but a good start. – Adam Marshall Apr 22 '13 at 12:27

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