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Can we add/modify the filter of the boards:

  • Work/Backlog/product backlog/board(the stories/backlogitems)
  • Should be able to filter the Iterations/Sprints
  • Work/board(tasks)
  • Should be able to change the Areapath filtering

Is there any way to change the default filter and/or add quick filters?

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As per this post, you can't really amend the underlying query for the task board: How do I change the underlying query for the task board (and backlog board) on TFS Preview

Although as mentioned the tags in TFS 2012 Update 2 can help.

However we achieved something similar to what you are asking by creating a team per product.

  • In the web control panel for your team project, create teams (and area paths) for each product you are interested in.

  • In the control panel, for each of these teams, you can set which iterations are associated with them. So for a particular team, you associate only the iterations you are interested in for that product.

You are then able to switch between teams via a drop-down at the top-left in the TFS web interface (you will need to use Browse All originally.)

See Multiple Teams with Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 & Visual Studio Scrum V2.0 for a good reference for this.

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The Work Item Tagging feature in TFS 2012 Update 2 can help.

Other than that, you can write your own plugin.

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We are running Update 2. Thanks for the tagging suggestion, but not everything is stored as tags. Thanks for the blog link! – Laci Apr 22 '13 at 9:31

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