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Right now I'm moving very large files in iOS with this method:

[fileManager moveItemAtURL:srcURL toURL:toURL error:&error];

This is a method from NSFileManager. Because the files are so large I try to move them instead of copying and then deleting the source file.

Is there a safer way to do this?

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A file move is an extremely light weight operation; it doesn't involve copying anything as it simply moves a directory entry from one point in the filesystem to another.

It should be quite safe.

If you really really want to be paranoid, then:

  • copy all bytes from A to B
  • verify B is coherent
  • delete A

Which is what the "atomically" variants for the write/copy APIs do under the covers, save for the verification part because the filesystem, itself, should do that.

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What you are doing is correct and efficient. Moving a file (if to the same file system) is essentially instant. But a copy and delete is very slow. Please note that moving a file to a different file system is actually done with a copy and delete.

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