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Using highchart, is there a way to add labels according to particular x / y Axis values ?

Using the highchart's labels, I'm able to write text at a given position in pixels, but I need to give a value from an axis as position.

For example, in this jsFiddle I would like to set the label position on 'june', like the plot line.

how can I do this?

    labels: { 
           items : [{ 
               html : 'Summer starts here !' ,
               style : { 
                   left: '10px', 
                   //I need to set the left position as an xValue : the timestamp for the summer start.
                   top: '100px'
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You plotLine can have a label, take a look:

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Exactly what I needed, thanks ! see the updated fiddle with this solution : – Guian Apr 22 '13 at 11:49

You should set "on" value for tickmarkPlacement parameter

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thx for your help, adding tickmarkPlacement: 'on', avoid to need the weird '4.5', instead 5 is june. its better. but it doesn't help in the label placement. I'd like the "summer start" label to be written on the june month. – Guian Apr 22 '13 at 10:19

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