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I have an users table where it has many group users and has one user account summary. All of these tables have the same field user_id. I was hoping to include user account summary into a group users query. So I would like to do this...


But it's telling me that the associated name was not found. How can I fix the query to include the user's account summary with group user's? Is it even possible?

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Try @group.group_users.includes(:user => :user_account_summary). Since user_account_summary is an association on User instead of GroupUser, the association has to pass through User.

You could also add a user_account_summary relation to GroupUser that matches user_id to user_id if you want to use the association more often:

class GroupUser < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one :user_account_summary, :primary_key => 'user_id', :foreign_key => 'user_id'
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Excellent Explanation. Thanks! –  jason328 Apr 19 '13 at 16:13

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