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I'm using the angular ui-bootstrap typeahead and I would want to use it as a way to pick up many choices, so I'd need to get the selected value when selectMatch method is launched but I can't find how to do that in my controller

<div class='container-fluid' ng-controller="TypeaheadCtrl">
<pre>Model: {{selected| json}}</pre>
<input type="text" ng-model="selected" typeahead="state for state in states | filter:$viewValue">

If I watch the selected value, I got the change every time a key is pressed...

scope.$watch('selected', function(newValue, oldValue) {... });

I got that the method selectMatch is the one which is called when the user press enter or click on the list but I don't know how to have a callback on that...

Thanks !

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There is better way of doing this now. A new callback method has been added

In controller file add the following:

 $scope.onSelect = function ($item, $model, $label) {
    $scope.$item = $item;
    $scope.$model = $model;
    $scope.$label = $label;

In view add the following:

 <input type="text"
        typeahead="state for state in states | filter:$viewValue"
        typeahead-on-select="onSelect($item, $model, $label)"/>

See the typeahead spec for more information (search for onSelect).

Check out if the following URLs helps http://www.techguides.in/how-to-create-autocomplete-using-angularjs-ui/


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Thanks! Worked like a charm. This should probably be officially documented at the reference page under the Typeahead heading: angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap –  ariestav Feb 12 '14 at 15:39
i love how you used their automated tests as documentation since they lack an actual documention for that +1 –  Andresch Serj Mar 28 '14 at 12:47
Does anybody have an idea what the $item $model $label objects actually are in that callback typeahead-on-select='onSelect($item, $model, $label)'? –  AardVark71 Jun 25 '14 at 12:34
Awesome!! So glad they added that! Thank you! –  Jeremy Moritz Sep 16 '14 at 17:43
@AardVark71 $item $model $label these three properties are as below respectively. If you are binding JSON array of objects having more than one property, then you will get selected item in $item with all the properties. $model is inbuilt angular model used which will store selected item.value and $lable will give you the value displayed in the text box after selection. So in short many a time, $label will be equal to $model. Hope this clarifies your doubt. –  Pratik Gaikwad Nov 22 '14 at 12:18

Edit: this method is not the best one now. It's better to use onSelect callback like explained in the answer above this one.

I found how how do to do what I wanted. I did see that there is a typeahead-editable attribute and if it's set to false then the selected value change only when a value from the model is selected. And so the $watch is working fine to check when a new value is selected.

<input type="text" ng-model="selected" typeahead="state for state in states | filter:$viewValue" typeahead-editable="false">

link: function(scope, elm, attrs){
    scope.$watch('selected', function(newValue, oldValue) {
        if (newValue)
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try the following before validation

 modelCtrl.$setValidity('editable', true);
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