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Im using an HTML select element to display an entity's field that has enumerated values in it.

Within the page, I have multiple fields for the entity, therefore multiple select elements.

Im using an Angular ng-repeat to display each field, by creating a select within the ng-repeat on my table row. I want to capture the "onselect" event when an item is selected from any of the drop downs, the trouble is, whenever the user selects a value in one drop down, the event fires for all drop downs on the page.

My html:

<div ng-app>
<div ng:controller="TodoCtrl">
        <tr ng-repeat="prop in customForm">
                <select ng-name="" ng-model="entity[]"
                        ng-options="val as val for val in prop.enumeratedValues"
        <tr><td>Calls Made</td></tr>
        <tr ng-repeat="call in callLog">

My Controller:

//'use strict';
function TodoCtrl($scope) {

    $scope.customForm =
        {name:"aval", legend: "A Value", enumeratedValues: ["1","2","3"], editable: true},
        {name:"bval", legend: "B Value", enumeratedValues: ["4","5","6"], editable: true},
        {name:"cval", legend: "C Value", enumeratedValues: ["7","8","9"], editable: true}

    $scope.entity = {};
    $scope.callLog = [];

    $scope.fireSelectEvent = function( propName )
        console.log("Prop=" + propName + " value=" + $scope.entity[propName]);

        $scope.callLog.push( propName );        

My fiddle:

Good luck. We're all counting on you.

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What is the onselect attribute? You're seeing fireSelectEvent fire that many times, because you've bound the onselect attribute using Angular interpolation.

What I'm guessing you want to do is: ng-change="fireSelectEvent("

Your updated fiddle:

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Yup! That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot – Sparm Apr 22 '13 at 8:34

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