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I have an (nsis) installer that I am running in silent mode. I'd like to run it via ssh so that I can automatically run our test suite against the installed codebase. Unfortunately when I run the program it just starts and sits there and doesn't actually do anything.

My guess is that this is somehow due to windows services (which ssh is in this case) cannot interact with the desktop. So even though the installer is silent it allocates some object or something and blocks forever.

How can I force the installer to run? Note that it is silent and should not ask for any user input. Is there a way I can say, "run this on a desktop" or something?

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Try using PsExec from Sysinternals. If you're going to be executing it on the remote machine through ssh, make sure to run it once from the desktop so you can accept the license terms.

Something like PsExec.exe -i -s "full path to program" args should work. -i runs the program in interactive mode on the desktop, and -s runs it under the "system" user so you don't have to punch in user credentials.

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