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What is the correct method to access the variables in an object in PHP? These don't seem to work.

$response = $wepay->request('checkout/create', array(
    'account_id'        => $account_id,
    'amount'            => '24.95',
    'short_description' => 'A brand new soccer ball',
    'type'              => 'GOODS',
    'mode'              => 'regular'


// display the response
//prints stdClass Object ( [checkout_id] => 466761864 [checkout_uri] => https://stage.wepay.com/api/checkout/466761864/6c60270d )

echo $response[checkout_id]; //nothing
echo $response->$checkout_id; //nothing
var_dump(get_object_vars($response));  //nothing

I just need to get the [checkout_id] and the [checkout_uri] from $response. I'm new to php objects, but from looking around, these were all ways people said to do it, they just aren't working in this case. Sorry if this is way simple.

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Trivial matter of PHP syntax, solved by looking at literally any object-oriented PHP code. You should always do at least some research before posting questions to Stack Overflow. – meagar Apr 19 '13 at 18:08
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When accessing object properties using the -> operator, the property names MUST NOT prepended by a $.

This will work for you:

echo $response->checkout_id;

You can follow the manual

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