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If a file open in geany is modified by another program, and geany is then brought to the front, then geany displays a modal dialog as follows.

The file 'stuff.txt' on the disk is more recent than
the current buffer.

Do you want to reload it?

This dialog is displayed, blocking any sort of work flow if files are continually regenerated by running command-line tools. How can this behavior be changed so that the dialog does not appear, and geany automatically reloads any such file?

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I don't believe this can be changed, at least I don't see any options anywhere that seem to pertain to this. You might have better luck contacting their mailing list. –  Benny Hill Apr 19 '13 at 18:57

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The dialog cannot be disabled and automatic reloading is not supported (which could be bad anyway, depending on whether you've made changes to the document).

That being said, I had started working on a better method using GtkInfoBar like Gedit uses so that it wouldn't block you from working but still notify you of changes. Unfortunately I haven't had much time or interest to push it through into the master branch. If you feel like trying to use it (not recommended in current out-of-date/incomplete state) or continuing work on it, the branch is here.

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Close Geany (else your changes will be overwritten), then open geany.conf in a different editor. Find disk_check_timeout and set it to 0. Save that, and reopen Geany.

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This does not make Geany automatically reload the file, it simply turns off any warning that the file has been changed. –  Benny Hill Apr 22 '13 at 12:59
Whoops, I misread the question. Thought he didn't want to reload. –  user1494740 Apr 23 '13 at 20:19

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