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I'm using Necessitas to compile and run my QT apps on Android. If I'd like to show another window over the Main Wondow, I would create an UI file from QT Creator, which also will create a class. Then, I would create an instance of that class, and finally call the exec() member function.

However, in Necessitas QT Creator, the compiler tells me that the memeber function exec() doesen't exist. If I try using the show() member function, nothing happens. Also , If I hide the Main Window, the program exits.

So ,what can I do to show the other Window that I created with QT Creator?

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This is essentially a layout that behaves like a tabbed/paged widget but it doesn't show any tabs. This should get you what you want.

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Brilliant! It's working as i expected! Thank you! – StefanEuSunt Apr 20 '13 at 7:28

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