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My code can be found here: http://pastebin.com/tmzGgHzi

Basically, what my critter does is it selects a random location and moves to that location, eating all actors in its path. However, the second I click "step", it throws a NullPointerException on line 67. It's something with the getAdjacentLocation() method referencing a null object, but I can't figure it out, and neither can my AP teacher.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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The getLocation() method is returning null.

Location loc = this.getLocation();
//Loc is now null, so the following call will result in a null pointer exception
Location newLoc = loc.getAdjacentLocation(getDirection());

This is because it's removing itself from the grid/it's eating itself

public ArrayList<Actor> getActors(){

    ArrayList<Actor> list = new ArrayList<Actor>();
    Grid<Actor> gr = getGrid();
    Location loc = getLocation();

    atLocation = atRandomLocation();



        Actor a = gr.get(getLocation());

        if(a != null)
        //This critter is not going to be null, so it adds it to the list


    //This list contains all actors to be eaten
    return list;

What your method does is check if it's at the location, adds itself to the list, and then EATS ITSELF!

public void processActors(ArrayList<Actor> actors){

    for(Actor a : actors)
        //This list only contains the critter

What you need to do is find the next location it should move to, eat any actors in that space, and then move in.

P.S. Apparently a Critter will eat itself by default if it's the only actor.

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