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I want to store 6 decimal digits into an array, but when I store it into array it only stores up to 4 decimal digits instead of 6. How can I store up to 6 digits into an array?

For example, if


but W(l,i) gives me the result as 4 decimal places


How can I store 6 decimal digits into an array, i.e when I print the array it prints 6 decimal places?


Can anyone help me?

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did you try first to write format long and see that it stores more than 4 digits? – user2212608 Apr 19 '13 at 18:37
I don't think this question deserves to be downvoted. I agree it's an obvious error, but for somebody unfamiliar with Matlab this could be confusing. – Ryan Edwards Apr 20 '13 at 8:23

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Matlab on default settings stores up to 15 digits. It only your display format. Have a look at the format command.

Or just type at the Matlab command prompt:

format long
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If you know you have only 6 digits you can use

 sprintf('%0.6f', W(l,i))

instead of disp

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