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I am writing a binary search tree, and am nearly finished. I am having problems deleting nodes.

Each node has a reference to its left, right, and parent nodes (the root node is given a dummy parent), a data element, and an integer count (called copies). When a person inputs an element that already exists, the node just increments its copy, and when they call decrementCopies(), that method decreases the number of copies and returns false if the number of copies falls below 1. The setLeft() and setRight() methods set the given node's parent to be the called node (ie, node1.setLeft(node2) sets node2's parent to node1).

Here is the removal method:

public void remove(T target) {
    if (target == null)
        throw new IllegalArgumentException();

    // cont is container, the node containing the
    // desired element.
    boolean rootRemoval;
    boolean contIsLeft;
    CountingNode<T> cont;
    CountingNode<T> parent;
    CountingNode<T> left;
    CountingNode<T> right;
    CountingNode<T> grad;

            assert root != null;
    if (root == null) {
    else {
        cont = root.getNodeFor(target);

    assert cont != null;
    if (cont == null) {
    else if (cont.decrementCopies()) {
        words -= 1;

    words -= 1;
    nodes -= 1;

    parent = cont.getParent();
    left = cont.getLeft();
    contIsLeft = parent.getLeft() == cont;
    rootRemoval = cont == root;

    if (cont.getNumChildren() < 2) {
        parent.setChild(cont.getOnlyChild(), contIsLeft);

        if (rootRemoval) {
            root = dummyParent.getOnlyChild();


    right = cont.getRight();
    grad = left.getRightMostNode();


    if (grad != left) 

    parent.setChild(grad, contIsLeft);

    if (rootRemoval) {
        root = dummyParent.getOnlyChild();



It works on most input, but occasionally when I dump a large number of words in and then remove the same words in order, I have problems with circular references, and losing nodes. I have been trying to track down where the problem is but I can't seem to replicate the error conditions on smaller scales (I have to dump fairly largish files in to get it to happen in order to debug it) nor do I see anything obviously wrong.

Hoping someone could help me shed some light. Thanks

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Do you process the large file in a single thread? I.e. is there any parallelism? Also, what kind of errors are you getting? Simply a circular reference after a remove? –  Pace Apr 19 '13 at 18:41
No concurrency. Occasionally the "assert cont != null" will fail even though the words to remove are exactly the same as the words I input. If I leave the assertions off (they are only there for trying to debug this) then traversing the tree overflows the stack because of circular references. And sometimes the counters (number of words, and number of nodes) are not decremented when they should be. –  scott_fakename Apr 19 '13 at 18:45

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