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Hi guys i have been wondering how i can let the user to define the field(row,column) of matrix in haskell.

For example, the user should enter a value for the field and than the user should enter a matrix. If the user enters more value then what he defined in field than the program should show an Exception.

(e.g. maxIndex=3 matrix [[1,2,3],[4,3,5],[3,7,8],[5,6,8]] -> Exception:Out of range)

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Define an own type that behaves that way?

data Matrix = Matrix [[Int]] Int {-rows-} Int {-columns-}

-- constructor / accessor functions that do bounds checking

Linked Lists are pretty terrible for representing matrices btw. If you actually need something like that, you should look into existing packages like hmatrix.

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Cant we take the value of row and column from the user with other function first and than take the matrix? (e.g. rowColumn <- 3 Matrix <-[[1,2,3],....] ) –  nbdip Apr 20 '13 at 7:52

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