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I've run into a strange problem with my jQuery code. I have a setup as follows:

(function($) {
    var o = $({});

    $.subscribe = function() { o.on.apply(o, arguments); };
    $.publish = function() { o.trigger.apply(o, arguments); };

(function($) {

    var CarrierView = {
        subscriptions: function() {
            $.subscribe( 'reporting.carrier.model.changed', this.renderModel );
        renderModel: function( e, data ) {
            var self = CarrierView;

    var CarrierModel = {
        subscriptions: function() {
            $.subscribe( 'reporting.carrier.model.update', this.updateModel );
        updateModel: function( value ) {
            $.getJSON('carriers', function( data ) {
                $.publish( 'reporting.carrier.model.changed', data );

    window.CarrierView = CarrierView.init();
    window.CarrierModel = CarrierModel.init();

Running a very basic pub/sub. My issue is the following:

A click event triggers the CarrierModel.updateModel method, which calls $.getJSON. The data returned is an Array[99], which is then published. When CarrierView.renderModel is called, the data there is the first element of the Array[99], an Array[5]. What am I doing incorrectly? How do I pass the whole set of data to the View?

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This question might help you stackoverflow.com/q/12151913/1296553 –  Rodrigo Assis Apr 19 '13 at 18:52
Interesting. Seems jQuery's trigger doesn't allow passing arrays. Any idea why this is? A quick google search hasn't turned up anything. –  grobolom Apr 19 '13 at 19:03
I really don't know why. Check see this fiddle it may help you: jsfiddle.net/wUCsc –  Rodrigo Assis Apr 19 '13 at 19:08

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