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I've got some code written in C with some fairly substantial structs used to hold data. I wanted to use tpl for serialization/deserialization of struct data for saving and loading the program's data instead of having to write a bunch of code to do it.

My problem is with the tpl_map() function: I can't seem to get it to parse a statement in which it would serialize an array of structs containing a struct containing an array of strings.

tpl's documentation doesn't necessarily say you can do this or that you can't do this. The thing I'd like to serialize would be described by A(S(i$(A(s)A(s)A(s)A(s)iiiiis)sssuussi)), but tpl_map() throws a parse error every time.

These are the relevant struct definitions:

typedef struct y {
    char** a;
    char** b;
    char** c;
    char** d;
    int e;
    int f;
    int g;
    int h;
    int i;
    char* j;
} y_t;

typedef struct x {
    int a;
    y_t y;
    char* b;
    char* c;
    char* d;
    unsigned int e;
    unsigned int f;
    char g[40];
    char* h;
    unsigned int i;
} x_t;

I'm attempting to serialize an array of x_t.

Chopping down the tpl format string to the minimal possible and working up, I find that it doesn't seem to like having an array inside an inner struct inside an outer struct. More specifically, the problem occurs with the A(i) in A(S($(A(i)))), for instance.

Any thoughts?

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