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Instead of "asdf", I want to use the input variable here.

Seems like this should be easy, but for some reason I can't figure it out.

on run {input, parameters}
-- Type 'asdf'
delay 1.900231
set timeoutSeconds to 2.0
set uiScript to "keystroke \"asdf\""
my doWithTimeout(uiScript, timeoutSeconds)
return input
end run

on doWithTimeout(uiScript, timeoutSeconds)
set endDate to (current date) + timeoutSeconds
        run script "tell application \"System Events\"
" & uiScript & "
end tell"
    exit repeat
    on error errorMessage
        if ((current date) > endDate) then
            error "Can not " & uiScript
        end if
    end try
end repeat
end doWithTimeout

For example, if I try set uiScript to "keystroke input", I get the error from Automator:

The action “Run AppleScript” encountered an error.
Check the actionʼs properties and try running the workflow again.
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set uiScript to "keystroke \"" & input & "\"" ? – andrewdotn Apr 19 '13 at 20:18
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Figured it out myself. I feel dumb now.

set uiScript to "keystroke \"" & input & "\""

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