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I am multiplying two values input from console window. I am using 32 bit registers eax, ebx, but it is not multiplying the values. The program is running, but it is not multiplying. Can anyone detect the problem? What is wrong in this code? I am using KIP.R.IRVINE Link Libraries in assembly language.

Here is the code:



   inputValue1st BYTE "Input the 1st integer = ",0
   inputValue2nd BYTE "Input the 2nd integer = ",0
   outputSumMsg BYTE "The sum of the two integers is = ",0

   num1 DD ?
   num2 DD ?
   sum  DD ?


  main PROC

   ; here we are calling our Procedures

  call InputValues
  call multiplyValue
  call outputValue
  call Crlf

  main ENDP

InputValues PROC

;----------- For 1st Value--------
; input message

call Crlf
mov edx,OFFSET inputValue1st
call WriteString

call ReadInt    ; read integer
mov num1, eax   ; store the value

 ;-----------For 2nd Value----------

 ; output the prompt message
 mov edx,OFFSET inputValue2nd
 call WriteString

  call ReadInt  ; read integer
  mov num2, ebx     ; store the value

  InputValues ENDP


   multiplyValue PROC
   ; compute the sum

    mov eax, num1   ; moves num1 to eax
    mov ebx, num2   ; moves num2 to ebx

    mul ebx  ; num1 * num2 = 6 * 2
    mov sum, eax  ; the val is stored in ebx

    multiplyValue ENDP

    ;--------For Sum Output Result----------

    outputValue PROC

    ; output result
    mov edx, OFFSET outputSumMsg
    call WriteString

    mov eax, sum
    call WriteInt ; prints the value in eax
    outputValue ENDP

    End main

One more question: Do I need to use a carry flag in it? If so, then what would the code for it look like?

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the comment ; num1 * num2 = 6 * 2 in multiply PROC is a example – Mustafa Halai Apr 19 '13 at 21:11
You're expecting the second ReadInt call to return the value in ebx. My guess is that the return value actually is located in eax. – Michael Apr 19 '13 at 22:24
Got a debugger? – Alexey Frunze Apr 19 '13 at 23:09
Ye Alexey Frunze... I am compiling/ debugging in Visual Studio 2010 and using KIP.R.IRVINE Link Library for assembly language.. THe PROGRAM is working but it is not Multiplying the values... – Mustafa Halai Apr 20 '13 at 12:41
Michael...ReadInt takes value in eax...but if i take 2 values in eax (ReadInt) then it OVERRIDES the second value in prints me back the second value if i take 2 values in eax..if i take 1st value in eax and second ebx then also it is not multiplying..for example if i multiply 5 * 2 it returns me +2146787328 how i multiply the values i have read alot about multiplying..but it is not working... – Mustafa Halai Apr 20 '13 at 12:49
;mov eax, num1   ; moves num1 to eax
;mov ebx, num2  ; moves num2 to ebx

Might just help a little if you were to actually load the values into the registers rather than comment that this is what you should be doing,

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its by mistakenly done by me when i was posting the question if i comment out these instruction mov eax, num1 ; moves num1 to eax mov ebx, num2 then also it is not working – Mustafa Halai Apr 20 '13 at 12:30
if i remove the comment then also it is not working sorry for inconvenience...i have written it by mistakenly.. – Mustafa Halai Apr 20 '13 at 12:50

you have error when you input second value ReadInt always puts the values in eax but you say:

call ReadInt  ; read integer
mov num2, ebx     ; store the value

it must be

call ReadInt  ; read integer
mov num2, eax     ; store the value
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