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I'm using Jeditable to edit and post changes to different elements of a page. I'd like to be able to specify whether the edit type should be text or textarea by looking at an attribute in I'm editing, data-type_edit="textarea for example.

However, passing I don't seem to be able to pass any value or attribute to the 2nd part of the jeditable function where you specify type. Why isn't type : $(this).attr('data-edit_type') working in this code:

$('.editable.edit-section').editable(function(value, settings) {
    var dbId = $(this).attr("data-db_id");
    var dbTable = $(this).attr("data-db_table");
    var dbCol = $(this).attr("data-db_col");
    submitEdit(value, dbId, dbTable, dbCol);
    // Needed so that value is correctedly displayed with jeditable on page
 }, {
    type : $(this).attr('data-edit_type'),
    submit : "OK",
    cancel : "Cancel",
    tooltip : "Click to edit...",
    onblur : "ignore"


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Try doing.


I believe this is the correct way to access data attributes through jQuery

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Hmm, while I can see this in the console, it still doesn't work for passing to the type parameter in jeditable. –  Voodoo Apr 19 '13 at 23:54

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