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I have a table named as Attendance, Here is the structure given below.

id     fname     lname    roll_no   date         time 
1      Qadir    Hussain   08cs18    19/04/2013   8:45am
2      Qadir    Hussain   08cs18    19/04/2013   8:50am

i want to insert the record having roll_no = 08cs18 only one time per day. not more than once per day.

I can restrict this via if/else. but is it possible to restrict this via sqlite query?


Acctually i m making an app of studnets attendance, I m using the QR_code to scan encoded roll_no. once a student scan its card for the first time it should insert the record (i.e id = 1) if user again scan it on the same day it should not insert. means a particular student should have a attendance record only one time per day.

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put a unique key on roll_no, date? – Marc B Apr 19 '13 at 21:24
Why does this have both the sqlite and mysql tags? Which database are you using? – Gordon Linoff Apr 19 '13 at 21:25
i have to this in both sqlite and in mysql also. – Qadir Hussain Apr 19 '13 at 21:27
It's not clear if you want to insert programmatically once for day or you want to avoid to have more than one record of the kind described in the question. Also, it's not an Android related question. – gipi Apr 19 '13 at 21:36
I have edited the question. please have a look on it now – Qadir Hussain Apr 19 '13 at 21:47
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For both databases, make a unique key constraint on roll_no and date.

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX daily_roll_no ON Attendance (roll_no,date)

Then for mysql make your insert with the IGNORE clause. For sqlite, use OR IGNORE.

 INSERT IGNORE INTO Attendance ....

 INSERT OR IGNORE INTO Attendance ....



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You can do this in a single SQL:

      (<identifier>, <time inserted>, column1, column2, ...) 
SELECT <identifier>, <time inserted>, 
       COALESCE(column1,'new value 1'), 
       COALESCE(column2,'new value 2'), ...
  FROM <tablename>
 WHERE <identifier> = ...
   AND <time inserted> > <now minus one day>

The basic idea is: using INSERT OR REPLACE you can update an existing row or insert a new one depending on one or more conditions. In this case I update the row with the same values, if the row is not older than one day.

If the line is not existing or older than one day, you can assign new values using COALESCE.

I know this is only a kind of outline but may be it helps though .... Cheers!

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