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I'm trying to test the length of a zip code attribute to ensure its 5 characters long. Right now I'm testing to make sure its not blank and then too short with 4 characters and too long with 6 characters.

Is there a way to test it being exactly 5 characters? So far I've found nothing online or in the rspec book.

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RSpec allows this:

expect("this string").to have(5).characters

You can actually write anything instead of 'characters, it's just syntactic sugar. All that's happening is that RSpec is calling#length` on the subject.

However, from your question it sounds like you actually want to test the validation, in which case I would folow @rossta's advice.

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There is no more have matcher in the latest major release of RSpec.

As of RSpec 3.1, the correct way to test this is :

expect("Some string".length).to be(11)

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If you're testing a validation on an ActiveRecord model, I recommend trying out shoulda-matchers. It provides a bunch of useful RSpec extensions useful for Rails. You could write a simple one line spec for your zip code attribute:

describe Address do
  it { should ensure_length_of(:zip_code).is_equal_to(5).with_message(/invalid/) }
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