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I have a google map on a page. User's can click on this map and it will drop a marker at that point. How can I simulate this in Capybara? It doesn't matter where they click as long as it's somewhere on the map.

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I think you can use ActionBuilder if you use Selenium driver. It will be something like:

within_frame(locator_of_frame_with_map) do
  map = find(locator_of_map).native
  page.driver.browser.action.move_to(map, x, y).click.perform

Code above is a draft. Obviously I can't provide working code without a demo.

Capybara itself doesn't have a cross-driver API for clicking at specific coordinates.

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I could not get this to work with or without Selenium. Also, I cannot use selenium driver since our CI server does not user Selenium – kidbrax May 2 '13 at 22:04

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