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Suppose there is a need for a project with 3 libraries and 2 apps. From the pub documentation I'm choosing a structure like below. The apps are different enough, though, that it is desirable they have their own directory. The documentation at (http://pub.dartlang.org/doc/#adding-a-dependency) says to put a pubspec.yaml file at the top-level. Is the top-level in the context below the project folder?

If there is one pubspec and it is at the /project level and shared with the libs, wouldn't that mean users of any of the libs only but not the apps would unnecessarily require extra packages (like good_stuff and big_stuff)?

        /app1    (uses l1, package:good_stuff)
        /app2    (uses l1, l2, l3, package:big_stuff)
        /l2      (uses package:pathos/path.dart)
        /l3      (uses l1 and l2)

So, given this desired setup, how many pubspec's and where would be created to satisfy these dependencies.

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You should put your pubspec.yaml file in the top level of your package. In Pub, a package is the largest unit of self-contained code, and contains all the libraries, executables, examples, documentation, tests, and tools required for the package to live by itself.

In Pub, there are loosely two types of packages:

  • Library packages, are effectively just a library in the conventional sense, and are intended to be used by other packages.
  • Application packages are consumers of other packages and define an application that you can run on the command line, server, web, or elsewhere.

These are loose definitions because library packages might have executables, and application packages might have some reusable libraries that are useful in other applications.

Generally, you want to try to make your project out of several discrete components, which can change and be re-used individually. This is in contrast to making one package for all parts of the application.

Your Project

I would recommend you have the following structure:

    - pubspec.yaml
    - pubspec.yaml
    - pubspec.yaml

Here you'd have 2 application packages and one library package.

A few notes:

  • you can refer to the mechanics package with path dependencies

  • you only really want project/ as the top top level if you're anticipating keeping this whole project bundled together (say if you're selling it.) If you anticipate app1 and app2 living separately, you don't need project/ at all.

  • you can totally make l1, l2, and l3 their own packages if you feel that they can live well enough separately. In that case, just make them all their own package.

See also:

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