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Given a list such as

var list = ['one','two','three'];

In angular, I want to iterate through the list only rendering certain items. Something like:

<ul ng-controller="main">
    <li ng-repeat="item in list" ng-switch on="item">
        <span ng-switch-when="one">{{item}}</span>

And have the output look like this:


Instead, I get:


I have tried ng-hide but is woefully inefficient since I have a large number of items and only want to display one or two and ng-hide renders all of them and then hides the inactive ones with css. This is a problem because I am doing this in a JQuery Mobile app which tries to decorate all list items, including the hidden ones, killing performance.

JSFiddle at

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You are correct that ng-hide should not be used here, it is a job for filters. You can provide a custom function to filter the list:

$scope.selectOne = function (input) { return input == "two" || input == "one"; };
    <li ng-repeat="l in list | filter:selectOne">
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