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I'm trying to parse an XML document from the Google Directions API.

This is what I've got so far:

x = Nokogiri::XML(GoogleDirections.new("48170", "48104").xml)
x.xpath("//DirectionsResponse//route//leg//step").each do |q|
  q.xpath("html_instructions").each do |h|
    puts h.inner_html

The output looks like this:

Head <b>south</b> on <b>Hidden Pond Dr</b> toward <b>Ironwood Ct</b>
Turn <b>right</b> onto <b>N Territorial Rd</b>
Turn <b>left</b> onto <b>Gotfredson Rd</b>

I would like the output to be:

Turn <b>right</b> onto <b>N Territorial Rd</b>

The problem seems to be Nokogiri escaping the html within the xml

I trust Google, but I think it would be also good to sanitize it further to:

Turn right onto N Territorial Rd

But I can't (using sanitize perhaps) without the raw xml. Ideas?

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Could you try calling: original_content()? puts h.original_content, got the idea from here: nokogiri.org/Nokogiri/XML/EntityDecl.html not sure if it helps – fmendez Apr 19 '13 at 23:55
That doesn't work, but just content() does. Thanks! – bookcasey Apr 19 '13 at 23:59
Please add a SMALL sample of the XML you are working with. That will help us help you. – the Tin Man Apr 20 '13 at 2:11
Here is some xml from Google. As I said before, h.content (and h.inner_text) solve this issue. If someone could explain why I would love to accept it as an answer. – bookcasey Apr 20 '13 at 2:30
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Because I don't have the Google Directions API installed I can't access the XML, but I have a strong suspicion the problem is the result of telling Nokogiri you're dealing with XML. As a result it's going to return you the HTML encoded like it should be in XML.

You can unescape the HTML using something like:

CGI::unescape_html('Head &lt;b&gt;south&lt;/b&gt; on &lt;b&gt;Hidden Pond Dr&lt;/b&gt; toward &lt;b&gt;Ironwood Ct&lt;/b&gt;')
=> "Head <b>south</b> on <b>Hidden Pond Dr</b> toward <b>Ironwood Ct</b>\n"

unescape_html is an alias to unescapeHTML:

 Unescape a string that has been HTML-escaped
  CGI::unescapeHTML("Usage: foo "bar" <baz>")
     # => "Usage: foo \"bar\" "

I had to think about this a bit more. It's something I've run into, but it was one of those things that escaped me during the rush at work. The fix is simple: You're using the wrong method to retrieve the content. Instead of:

puts h.inner_html


puts h.text

I proved this using:

require 'httpclient'
require 'nokogiri'

# This URL comes from: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/directions/#XML
url = 'http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/directions/xml?origin=Chicago,IL&destination=Los+Angeles,CA&waypoints=Joplin,MO|Oklahoma+City,OK&sensor=false'
clnt = HTTPClient.new

doc = Nokogiri::XML(clnt.get_content(url))
doc.search('html_instructions').each do |html|
  puts html.text

Which outputs:

Head <b>south</b> on <b>S Federal St</b> toward <b>W Van Buren St</b>
Turn <b>right</b> onto <b>W Congress Pkwy</b>
Continue onto <b>I-290 W</b>

The difference is that inner_html is reading the content of the node directly, without decoding. text decodes it for you. text, to_str and inner_text are aliased to content internally in Nokogiri::XML::Node for our parsing pleasure.

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+1, though I don't really think escaping and unescaping is the most efficient. – bookcasey Apr 20 '13 at 0:01
Of course it isn't. I've run into it many times decoding RSS, but that was several years ago so I had to remember what I'd done. – the Tin Man Apr 20 '13 at 3:12

Wrap your nodes in CDATA:

def wrap_in_cdata(node)
    # Using Nokogiri::XML::Node#content instead of #inner_html (which
    # escapes HTML entities) so nested nodes will not work
    node.inner_html = node.document.create_cdata(node.content)

Nokogiri::XML::Node#inner_html escapes HTML entities except in CDATA sections.

fragment = Nokogiri::HTML.fragment "<div>Here is an unescaped string: <span>Turn left > right > straight & reach your destination.</span></div>"
puts fragment.inner_html
# <div>Here is an unescaped string: <span>Turn left &gt; right &gt; straight &amp; reach your destination.</span></div>

fragment.xpath(".//span").each {|node| node.inner_html = node.document.create_cdata(node.content) }
# <div>Here is an unescaped string: <span>Turn left > right > straight & reach your destination.</span>\n</div>
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This is not a great or DRY solution, but it works:

puts h.inner_html.gsub("&lt;b&gt;" , "").gsub("&lt;/b&gt;", "").gsub("&lt;div style=\"font-size:0.9em\"&gt;", "").gsub("&lt;/div&gt;", "")
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