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I have a file, "items.txt" containing a list of 100,000 items which I need to remove from the file "text.txt" and replace with "111111111".

I wrote this script which works exactly as I intend:

b=`wc -l < ./items.txt`
while read -r line
    a=`expr $a + 1`
    sed -i "s/$line/111111111/g" text.txt
    echo "Removed ("$a"/"$b")."
done < ./items.txt

This script looks at eat line in "items.txt", then uses sed to remove each line from "text.txt".

This script is very slow though. By my estimate, it will take more than 1 week to remove all of the items from the file on my computer. Is there a more efficient way to replace all of the items quickly?

BASH 4.1.5

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Use sed to build a sed script to replace all the items:

sed 's/^/s=/;s/$/=111111111=g/' items.txt | sed -f- text.txt

Update: The following Perl script seems even faster:

use warnings;
use strict;

open my $ITEMS, '<', 'items.txt';
my @items = <$ITEMS>;
chomp @items;
my $regex = join '|', @items;
$regex    = qr/$regex/;

open my $TEXT, '<', 'text.txt';
while (<$TEXT>) {
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Output slows your script. Remove it and you'll notice a significant speedup. The line to remove:

 echo "Removed ("$a"/"$b")."
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your script is slow, not only because the output (echo "Removed ("$a"/"$b").").

The main reason is, you have

 sed -i "s/$line/111111111/g" text.txt

in a while loop. for example, your items.txt has 10k lines, the sed line will be executed 10k times. that is, read text.txt through 10k times. If your text.txt is also 10k, it is 10k * 10k

what you can do better is, read both files only once:

awk 'NR==FNR{a[$0];next}$0 in a{$0="1111111"}1' items.txt text.txt

I didn't test, but it should work.

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