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This should be simple but I've spent over an hour trying to figure it out so thanks for your help.

I've got a CakePHP plugin, Usermgmt, with a controller located here:


I'm trying to call a function, userIdFromUsernameAndPassword(), in that controller from one of my main controllers using something like:

$userID = $this->UsersController->userIdFromUsernameAndPassword( '','pass' );

What do I need to import/include/initialize to be able to get this working?

I've tried various import statements such as App::uses('UsersController', 'Usermgmt.Controller'); at the top of my file, but haven't gotten anywhere.


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Short answer: Use OOP and extend the other controller. Also get an understanding of MVC. You are not supposed to use a method of a controller inside another controller, in CakePHP this should be done as a component. They can be shared between controllers. Check the CakePHP Book.

Also the name of the plugin and the method name indicate that this is a bad plugin. This sounds like somebody did not know about the Auth component of CakePHP. Again, check the book for the AuthComponent. You want a custom authentication adapter.

If the user is logged in you can get its id by calling $this->Auth->user('id'). Read the chapter about Auth. If you want a properly done user plugin check out: CakeDC Users

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My knowledge of OOP & MVC comes from Objective-C and Python so I struggle a bit with the differences between those approaches and PHP. I looked at CakeDC Users a year ago when I started this project but either I couldn't get it working or it wasn't quite ready yet. I know how to get the user ID by calling $this->Auth->user('id'), but this is for an API so the user won't be logged in (user/pass is passed with the Post request). – nickv2002 Apr 20 '13 at 2:11
I realize calling one controller from another is not the right way to do things here. So what would be the right way to respond to a Post call with user/pass, check those values, and give them info from a different model? – nickv2002 Apr 20 '13 at 2:12
@nickv2002 It seems to me userIdFromUsernameAndPassword() should be a method of the User model, e.g. Accessing it should then be something like ClassRegistry::init('Usermgmt.User')->userIdFromUsernameAndPassword('user@host.‌​com','pass'); you should not use another Controller to get data from a Model in MVC. Optionally, wrap if in a Component to provide re-usable code as suggested. – thaJeztah Apr 20 '13 at 7:59
What you have is a stateless auth, this can be still done through the Auth component and an authentication adapter. As I've said before, read the Auth chapter of the book. ;) – burzum Apr 20 '13 at 23:14
Thanks guys, I rewrote it so that most of the action happens in a component instead and now it's working. – nickv2002 Apr 21 '13 at 1:34

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