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I have chef, a workstation and some nodes provisioned through hosted chef. I need to do some work on the nodes in a ruby script, not a cookbook/recipe, so I am using Chef::Search to query for them.

I have an array of Chef::Nodes in my script, and I want to get a handle on each node's chef-client so I can run a recipe on each one. Remember I am NOT doing a regular chef run, but need to mimic what a chef run does: pulls down the nodes, expands their run_lists and run recipes on them as needed.

because, I am not just provisioning; I need to check the status of the nodes and select a particular one to run a recipe on. The nodes are provisioned with mongo and they need maintenance as a replica set. I cannot run sequential recipes and I cannot run from one of the nodes.

So my need is: given a Chef::Node that I got form a Chef::Search::Query, how does one get its chef-client or load it into a new Chef::Client?

I have extensively looked at the API and the Chef::Client class doesn't seem to be clearly telling me how. There is initialize and loadNode but nothing that takes a node.

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I think you can do a lot of what you are asking using knife-exec. It allows you, if you have an API key, to manipulate data on a Chef server with a Ruby script. This includes searches, nodes, roles and whatnot. I mainly use it to to mass updates of attributes on large numbers of nodes instead of doing knife node edit by hand.

This doesn't answer how to run chef-client on nodes though. Perhaps you could run "ssh node1 sudo chef-client" or use knife-ssh to do this.

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