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I am trying to communicate asynchronously with a USB HID Device using the IOHIDManager from IOKit. I have no problem registering for a callback with IOHIDDeviceRegisterInputReportCallback and setting reports with IOHIDDeviceSetReport. But when I try and use IOHIDDeviceSetReportWithCallback to communicate with the device it's a no go.

Error is kIOReturnUnsupported (0xE00002C7).

Here is a link to a gentleman with the same issue from the apple usb mailing list.


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I didn't want to think that this response to the above message was correct, but I can confirm that, this method is not implemented. Here is part of the response from Apple Developer Technical Support:

Looking thru the sources IOHIDDeviceSetReportWithCallback just calls (*device->deviceInterface)->setReport; in theory that should be the IOKIT HID driver… looking at that it just returns kIOReturnUnsupported…

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Thank you for saving me the trouble of wasting more hours on that one! –  JustSid Jul 15 at 11:13
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