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I have issues with iterating over a ChoiceField and building my own HTML from the values and labels. When specifying "widget" parameter as Select, the field is not longer iterable.

However, it works fine if I specify it as RadioSelect.

The form:

class MyFormCreate( Form ) :
    QUOTES = (
            (34, "Hi, Patrick. Wait, I'M PATRICK!"),
            (21, "I like pie."), 
            (76, "No, this is Patrick!"),
    patrick = ChoiceField(choices = QUOTES, widget = Select)

And the template:

<select name="{{form.patrick.name}}">
    {% for option in form.patrick %}
    <option value="{{option.choice_value}}">{{option.choice_label}}</option>
    {% endfor %}

What am I doing wrong?

(Python 2.7.3 and Django 1.4.5)

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Would this be what you're looking for?

<select name="{{ form.patrick.name }}">
    {% for value, text in form.patrick.field.choices %}
        <option value="{{ value }}">{{ text }}</option>
    {% endfor %}

Also, white space is your friend. :)

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Good enough for me. –  Trollbane Apr 20 '13 at 8:21

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