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Decently experienced with jQuery, new to AngularJS.

I have a page with a list of colors (variable number) with attached jQuery colorpickers (marked by class ".colorpicker"). On the static, PHP-generated version of the page, that works great; but converting it over to ng-repeat, jQuery doesn't catch future occurances.

Is there an event that can be caught with $.on(), or is there some other sneaky best-practices way to accomplish this with AngularJS? I've searched around, but every answer I've found has been how to set up $.on('click') or similar.

<ul class="unstyled">
  <li ng-repeat="color in showcolors">
    <input type="color" class="input-mini colorpicker" ng-model="color.hex"> {{color.category}}
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Anytime you want to manipulate the DOM or use a jQuery feature/plugin; it's time for a directive. You could add a directive to your ng-repeat that binds the jQuery colorpicker to the input field as it's being added to the DOM. Something like:

<ul class="unstyled">
  <li ng-repeat="color in showcolors">
    <input data-jq-colorpicker type="color" class="input-mini colorpicker" ng-model="color.hex"> {{color.category}}

And then add the directive:

yourApp.directive('jqColorpicker', function(){
    var linkFn = function(scope,element,attrs){
        // element here = $(this)
        // bind your plugin or events (click, hover etc.) here
        element.bind('click', function(e){
          // do something

    return {
        link: linkFn

Note, this is untested but should solve your problem. If you set up a Plunker or JSFiddle, I'll take a look.

Also, be sure to check out the jQuery passthrough feature of Angular UI.

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Brilliant, thanks. I'm really digging AngularJS, but it's a bit of a departure from the way jQuery handles some things. – CJ Thompson Apr 20 '13 at 16:40
Also, AngularUI is amazing. FullCalendar was actually one of the next items on my list! Double thanks – CJ Thompson Apr 20 '13 at 17:12
Yeah it's really awesome framework. The general consensus is that, you should only include jQuery as a last resort and that you should try & solve the problem the Angular way. Obviously if you need to make use of cool jQuery plugin then that's fine. Be sure to check out the videos over there are excellent and there's lots of stuff on directives. – GFoley83 Apr 20 '13 at 21:21

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