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Say I have 3 variables, id, name, number, on a php script, $name, $number, $id

On the PHP, I create a button

    print "<td><form><input type='button' name='edit' id='edit' onclick=ed($name, $number, $id) value='Edit' /></td>";

I want those 3 variables sent to my javascript.

The function call seems to work just fine if I use


and modify the function header, and this passes the string "edit" but that's not quite useful.

function header in javascript is

function ed(name, number, id) {
//stuff here

For whatever it's worth using this code gets me an error on the html, something about an unexpected } on line2 of the html document.

Edit:I should clarify I said that code gives me errors so someone didn't just say "Well use this!" when I already expected it not to work.

Using this:

<input type='button' id='$id' onclick=ed( value='Edit' />

Allows me to send the value in $id to the javascript function because it was saved in the id field. Something along those lines is what I'm hoping for, but I'm unable to find if there's any way to do that. edit: for 3 variables.

Edit again:


<form><input type='button' name='$name' id='$id' title='$number' onclick='ed(,this.title,' value='Edit' /></form>

sent the values of all 3 php variables to the javascript function.

It's not pretty, but it works.

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You need to understand the difference between client and server side scripting – Mr. Alien Apr 20 '13 at 6:54
your form tag isn't closed – user2264587 Apr 20 '13 at 6:57
I fully understand the difference between client and server-side scripting, but thanks for the help. I was hoping someone could suggest to me a method of storing the variables for sending via javascript. For instance, setting id='$id' on the button then sending is sending the value of the php variable $id to the javascript function. I was hoping someone had a recommendation that would allow me to send all 3. – Dirgon Apr 20 '13 at 6:58
also you need to quote 'ed($name, $number, $id)' in the javascript – user2264587 Apr 20 '13 at 7:02
Your bottom edit is your own answer. Please do not add answers within your question body, but write your own answer. This if fine. Also, there is no need to mark your edits, if someone wants to know what was edited, he can look up the history. – k0pernikus Apr 20 '13 at 8:00
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For custom attributes define data-attributes, e.g. as shown on Mozilla Dev:

<div id="user" data-id="1234567890" data-user="johndoe" data-date-of-birth>John Doe

var el = document.querySelector('#user');

// == 'user'
// === '1234567890'
// el.dataset.user === 'johndoe'
// el.dataset.dateOfBirth === ''

el.dataset.dateOfBirth = '1960-10-03'; // set the DOB.

// 'someDataAttr' in el.dataset === false

el.dataset.someDataAttr = 'mydata';
// 'someDataAttr' in el.dataset === true

In your case, it seems you only need data-number as the other two are standard properties of the DOM-element.

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I think the problem is with your quotes so try this

    print '<td><form><input type="button" name="edit" id="edit" onclick=ed('.$name.','.$number.','.$id.') value="Edit" /></td>'
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I should've proofread my question more, but it's late. -_-; The problem isn't the code (though that was the problem, it's been fixed.) the problem is you can't literally do it the way I typed it. I meant it more as a psuedo-code. – Dirgon Apr 20 '13 at 7:09

You can only send 3 value like this:-

onclick="javascript:func_name('<?php echo $var1 . "," . $var2 . "," . $var3;?>');

In the js function take only one argument and then split 3 values using "," as a delimiter.

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