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I've created a maven project using m2eclipse plugin, I'am able to import dependencies through the following code,

        <name>Public online Restlet repository</name>


However, I want to configure javadocs for the downloaded dependecies so that I can check the documentation while working. How do I achieve the object?

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Charlee, It seems that m2eclipse plugin automatically downloads the source because when I checked the Maven depenedencies for the source path, I got this .m2/repository/org/restlet/jse/org.restlet/2.1.2/org.restlet-2.1.2-sources.jar. However, initially I could not access the javadocs, therefore this post. Thanks for trying to help. :) – FireAndIce Apr 22 '13 at 4:27
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After setting up your pom.xml, right click on your project -> Maven -> Download JavaDoc.

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