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I wonder how windows keeps track of the size of the "VirtualAllocdBlocks". According to WinDBG the memory blocks are managed in doubly linked lists. But this struct (_LIST_ENTRY) only contains two pointer. How can I get the size (in WinDBG) of such a block and where is the size stored in memory?

0:008> dt _HEAP 0x00150000 
   +0x050 VirtualAllocdBlocks : _LIST_ENTRY [ 0x3e40000 - 0x13950000 ]
0:008> dt _LIST_ENTRY 0x3e40000 
 [ 0x3f50000 - 0x150050 ]
   +0x000 Flink            : 0x03f50000 _LIST_ENTRY [ 0x4050000 - 0x3e40000 ]
   +0x004 Blink            : 0x00150050 _LIST_ENTRY [ 0x3e40000 - 0x13950000 ]
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I think you'll find the list contains the entire virtual memory space, presumably in order, so the size of block ptr is ptr->Flink - ptr. –  Harry Johnston Apr 26 '13 at 0:47

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