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I have Toradex Colibri t20 embedded board Linux image (U boot,kernel,roofs). Colibri t20 is based on tegra2 arm-cortex-a9 processor. I want to run this Linux kernel in Qemu emulator.How can i boot with qemu?

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qemu-system-arm can run u-boot and kernel SW, only when it has support for the board that those SW were configured/built for.

ARM's versatilepb and vexpress-a9 are supported. There are good tutorials out there for using those boards, Balau on kernel, also Kumar

Bare metal simulation is less ambitious. There, roughly speaking, QEMU only has to emulate the processor. Check out Balau on bare metal. Quick search shows maybe there is support in progress for Tegra2.

I'd suggest installing current packages on your host, see what machines and cpus are supported. Not sure of the following syntax detail, but something like qemu-system-arm -M ? is the way to get the list of supported machines.

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Actual syntax for supported CPUs is qemu-arm-static -cpu help ;) At least for Qemu 1.5.0. –  Kamiccolo Aug 30 '13 at 14:08

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