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I'm trying to format my string, becouse i have two strings one that contain: "1" and the

second that contain: "test" and want to output the whole string with space as:

1 test

i did that by saying:

printf("%-10s %s", "1", "test");

but how do i change the space " %-10s " without changing the format?

int amount_of_space = 10;

like: printf("%-*s %s", "1", "test", amount_of_space) 

how do i do that??? in C or C++, please help me out

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printf("%-*s %s", amount_of_space, "1", "test" ) ;

The * comes first in the format string - hence the parameter amount_of_space has to come first after the comma.

i.e in the format string the order is *, s & s - so after the comma, you need whatever fills in for *, the first string and then the 2nd string.

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I'm going pick your anwser as accepted in 6 min, becouse you are the only one who explained things to me :) – Maria Kikazo Apr 20 '13 at 11:00

printf("%-*s %s", amount_of_space, "1", "test" );

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use this: printf("%-*s %s", amount_of_space, "1", "test" );

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And in C++ it would be:

cout << left << setw(amount_of_spaces) << "1" << "test";
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