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I am trying to Generate a LFM Wave in Matlab. For that i am using this code:

sampleRate = 1e8;               % Define sample rate of baseband signal (Hz)
pulseWidth = 10e-6;             % Define pulse width (seconds)
pulseRepititionInterval = 50e-6;% Define pulse repetition interval (seconds)
bandWidth = 10e6;               % Bandwidth of the pulse (Hz)
IPhase = 0;                     % Initial phase in degrees of IComponent
QPhase = 90;                    % Initial phase in degrees of QComponent

tVector = 0:1/sampleRate:pulseWidth; % Vector to generate ideal pulse
IComponent = chirp(tVector,-bandWidth/2,tVector(end), bandWidth/2,'linear',IPhase);
QComponent = chirp(tVector,-bandWidth/2,tVector(end), bandWidth/2,'linear',QPhase);
IQData = IComponent + 1i*QComponent;

But my pulse specification is like: Pulse width 50e-6 and number of samples in each pulse is 1024 and number of pulses is 10. Please tell what changes I will make in this, or any other new I have to try...

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