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My Setup:
Sharepoint 2010 with SP1
SiteCollection URL: http://sp2010:8083/
Site URL: http://sp2010:8083/abc

Need to change the URL of the Site
from http://sp2010:8083/abc
to http://sp2010:8083/ict

My Approach:
Use Backup-SPSite and Restore-SPSite commands to backup the site abc and then restore it on the site ict

Problem: Backup-SPSite and Restore-SPSite work for Site collections but are not working for Sites. I get the following error

The specified URL is not a top-level Web site. The backup and
restore operations work only for top-level Web sites. Enter the URL for a site
to try the operation again.

Kindly help how to change the URL of the site. I am aware of the fact that you cannot change the URL of a Sharepoint site but I think backup and restore can be used to achieve the same.

I am not able to understand that how a company like Microsoft not provide an option to change the URL easily.



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Did you try to use

Export-spweb –identity http://sp2010:8083/abc -path c:\sitebkup\mysite.bak

Import-SPWeb –identity http://sp2010:8083/ict -path c:\sitebkup\mysite.bak
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