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As you know we have a new syntax in with possibility to create inline tasks so we could run it asynchronously.

This is the correct code:

        Dim testDeclaring As New Task(Sub()

                                      End Sub)

but now I need to pass a parameter in the subroutine and I can't find correct syntax for that. Is it possible any way?

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It's not possible. However, you could just use the parameters from the current scope:

Public Function SomeFunction()

    Dim somevariable as Integer = 5

    Dim testDeclaring As New Task(Sub()
                                   Dim sum as integer = somevariable + 1  ' No problems here, sum will be 6
                              End Sub)

End Function   
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Thank you! That is what I was looking for. BTW, it cause some strange behavior in my context but I guess it's the problem for the other topic. – newbeee Apr 20 '13 at 11:58

If you want to pass a parameter you could do this

    Dim someAction As Action(Of Object) = Sub(s As Object)
                                              Debug.WriteLine(DirectCast(s, String))
                                          End Sub

    Dim testDeclaring As New Task(someAction, "tryme")
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