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I'm trying to display an image generated with CImg on a SDL surface.

CImg saves the image data as a simple array (e.g. red values before green values, before blue values).

I've read that using RWops is the way to go, but somehow I cannot figure out how to convert the image data to an RWops structure.

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I never used CImg, but basically, what you need to do is create a way to transform your CImg data to follow a known image format, for example, bitmap.

Unfortunately, CImg doesn't seem to provide this kind of feature, as seen on SourceForge, but somebody was kind enough to provide the code in the thread (although there seems to be formatting issues).

Using the code in the thread above and SDL_LoadBMP_RW, you'd do something like:

unsigned char *bitmapImage = NULL; //the target-buffer
bitmapImage = cimg_image.save_bmp2buffer(); //get the bmp-buffer

// the buffer size is based on the bmp format, according to save_bmp2buffer it should be something like:
// I simplified a bit his formula, some operations didn't seem necessary
// The 54 represents the size of a bitmap header, the rest is the padded pixel content size
int imgSize = 54 + (3 * cimg_image.width() + 4 - (3 * cimg_image.width()) % 4) * cimg_image.height();

SDL_RWops* rw = SDL_RWFromMem(bitmapImage, imgSize );

SDL_Surface* yourSurface = SDL_LoadBMP_RW(rw, 1); // 1 will free the rw when done


This code is not tested, but should be a good starting point!

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haven't tried but seems a viable solution to me –  mish Apr 23 '13 at 15:56

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