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I am looking for a way to list all days of a given month using Jodatime. It would be great to have concrete code sample.

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Since I couldn't find answer to this question, I post the code here so someone can find use of it:

// set your own print format here
private static final DateTimeFormatter DF=DateTimeFormat.forPattern("dd/MM/yyyy");

    private List<String> createMonthLabels(LocalDate month) {
    // add labels
    List<String> daysInMonthLabels = new ArrayList<String>();
    LocalDate firstDay = month.withDayOfMonth(1);
    LocalDate nextMonthFirstDay = firstDay.plusMonths(1);
    while (firstDay.isBefore(nextMonthFirstDay)) {
        firstDay = firstDay.plusDays(1);

    return daysInMonthLabels;
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Don't use datetime/datemidnight (they are precise points in time) when you are meaning just dates, that's conceptually wrong. Replace DateMidnight/DateTime by LocalDate, and your answer is fine. –  leonbloy Apr 21 '13 at 13:48
Tnx @leonbloy, see my edit. –  Amir Jamak Apr 22 '13 at 7:55

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