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given funciton foo :

fun foo(m: String, bar: (m: String) -> Unit) {

we can do:

foo("a meesage", { println("this is a message: $it") } )
foo("a meesage")  { println("this is a message: $it") }

now lets say, we have following function:

fun buz(m: String) {
   println("another message: $m")

is there a way, i can pass "buz" as a parameter to "foo" ? something like:

foo("a message", buz)
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apparently this is not supported yet.

more info:



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First-class functions are currently not supported in Kotlin. There's been debate about whether this would be a good feature to add. I personally think they should.

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first class functions are already supported in kotlin –  mohammad shamsi Apr 21 '13 at 3:24
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