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Is it possible to specify a text input field id to bind a form backing object to? My form is using third-party javascript and I do not have control over the input's id value.

For example:

<input id="something_with_underscores">

Needs to bind to this form object:

public class FormObject {
    private String field1;
    // other properties
    // getters and setters omitted


public String handlerMethod(@Valid FormObject form) {
    // do stuff with the form

I am using Velocity for the html templating and when using the #springFormInput macro it attempts to bind the id/name as FormObject.field1. I need to tell it to look at something_with_underscores for the value/binding. I know if I name field1 as something_With_Underscores it would work, but it does not match with Java naming conventions.

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