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I'm having trouble outputting certain bits of information from this given database:

type Title = String
type Actor = String
type Cast = [Actor]
type Year = Int
type Fan = String
type Fans = [Fan]
type Period = (Year, Year)
type Film = (Title, Cast, Year, Fans)
type Database = [Film]

testDatabase :: Database
testDatabase = [("Casino Royale", ["Daniel Craig", "Eva Green", "Judi Dench"], 2011, ["Garry", "Dave", "Zoe", "Kevin", "Emma"]),
    ("Cowboys & Aliens", ["Harrison Ford", "Daniel Craig", "Olivia Wilde"], 2011, ["Bill", "Jo", "Garry", "Kevin", "Olga", "Liz"]),     
        ("Catch Me If You Can", ["Leonardo DiCaprio", "Tom Hanks"], 2006, ["Zoe", "Heidi", "Jo", "Emma", "Liz", "Sam", "Olga", "Kevin", "Tim"])]

Note: this is only part of the database due to the size of the list.

I'm trying to write a function which allows the user to input a year and output ONLY the film titles..I have done a similar one with fans to which the user enters a Fan name and outputs the film they are a fan of...The code to this is shown below:

filmsByFan y = map (\(a,_,_,_) -> a) $ filter (\(_,_,_,a) -> elem y a) testDatabase

This works 100%, and so I tried a similar one with byYear:

filmsByYear y = map (\(a,_,_,_) -> a) $ filter (\(_,_,a,_) -> elem y a) testDatabase

But this does not compile...Is this because the type Year is set as an Int? If so is there a solution to my problem in a similar way?

Thanks in advance!

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In the first case, you want to check whether person y is contained in the list of fans, hence elem y a.

In the second case, you want to check whether year y is equal to the year of the film, so you would simply check for equality, a == y:

filmsByYear y = map (\(a,_,_,_) -> a) $ filter (\(_,_,a,_) -> a == y) testDatabase

Incidentally, this code would be more readable if you give the lambdas names:

title (t, _, _, _) = t
fans (_, _, _, fs) = fs
year (_, _, y, _) = y

And it's more idiomatic to use function chaining:

filmsByFan f = map title $ filter (elem f . fans) testDatabase
filmsByYear y = map title $ filter ((== y) . year) testDatabase

By now you might be spotting a pattern, which itself can be nicely captured in a higher-order function:

filmsBy func = map title $ filter func testDatabase
filmsByFan f = filmsBy (elem f . fans)
filmsByYear y = filmsBy ((== y) . year)
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I have amended the code but this is the error I am getting -------------------- No instance for (Eq ([Year] -> Bool)) arising from a use of ==' Possible fix: add an instance declaration for (Eq ([Year] -> Bool)) In the expression: elem a == y In the first argument of filter', namely (\ (_, _, a, _) -> elem a == y)' In the second argument of ($)', namely `filter (\ (_, _, a, _) -> elem a == y) testDatabase' –  user2240649 Apr 20 '13 at 15:11
I've tested it and I'm quite sure it works. How are you calling the function? –  Thomas Apr 20 '13 at 15:21
No worries, I have it working now! thanks very much for your input! –  user2240649 Apr 20 '13 at 15:34

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