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I use Git+TortoiseGit on Windows. I want to hide date/time stamp in the "You performed push to repo, date NNNNNNNNNNNN" window (not exact caption).


How to hide this date/time stamp or make it short (only show DDMMYYYY)?

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Let's find first the code which prints that message:

git clone https://github.com/TortoiseGit/TortoiseGit
cd TortoiseGit

P:\git\TortoiseGit>grep -nRHI "\"Success" *
src/Resources/TortoiseProcENG.rc:3845:    IDS_SUCCESS             "Success"

P:\git\TortoiseGit>grep -nRHI "IDS_SUCCESS" *
src/TortoiseProc/SyncDlg.cpp:1176:                      temp.LoadString(IDS_SUCCESS);

So the code in which you can see that dialog message being built is one from the CSyncDlg::OnProgressUpdateUI() method:

if (m_pTaskbarList)
    m_pTaskbarList->SetProgressState(m_hWnd, TBPF_NOPROGRESS);
CString temp;
CString log;
log.Format(_T("\r\n%s (%d ms @ %s)\r\n"), temp, tickSpent, strEndTime);
CProgressDlg::InsertColorText(this->m_ctrlCmdOut, log, RGB(0,0,255));

With strEndTime being:

CString strEndTime = CLoglistUtils::FormatDateAndTime(CTime::GetCurrentTime(), DATE_SHORTDATE, true, false);

Unless you recompile TortoiseGit with a different code, there doesn't seem to be a way to easily modify that date format.

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Maybe variable strEndTime (from code above) is built using some format option? Or is it fixed string. –  RProgram Apr 21 '13 at 17:23
@Ingo I have added strEndTime definition: again a matter of code, not configuration. –  VonC Apr 21 '13 at 17:43

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