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Those 2 are my tables I use for my data. Now when I want to join those two tables I stuck at JOIN ON golub... I know I'm making my mistake there but I don't know what is it. Values beneath IDmajka and IDotac sometimes may be 0. That value 0 is from table "golub" and it doesn't exist. Even If I put values that exists in table "golub" it still doesn't work. It won't collect any data. Please ignore JOIN on drzava and status cause it works.

my query

SELECT * FROM popis_golubova
JOIN golub ON (golub.ID = popis_golubova.IDgolub
           AND golub.ID = popis_golubova.IDmajka 
           AND golub.ID = popis_golubova.IDotac)
JOIN drzava ON (drzava.ID=popis_golubova.IDdrzava)
JOIN status ON (status.ID=popis_golubova.IDstatus)
WHERE popis_golubova.IDkorisnik='$ID_KORISNIK'

table "golub"

table "golub"

table "popis_golubova"

enter image description here

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In the golub join shouldn't all the ANDs be ORs? –  mickfold Apr 20 '13 at 16:06
tried that, doesn't work, then it makes 6 rows instead 3 when I echo it –  FosAvance Apr 20 '13 at 16:08

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This is solution if it is going to help someone

O.brojgoluba AS o_brojgoluba,
M.brojgoluba AS m_brojgoluba, 
golub.spol, golub.boja, golub.rasa, golub.ime, golub.godina, golub.brojgoluba, drzava.drzava, status.status
FROM popis_golubova
JOIN drzava ON (drzava.ID=popis_golubova.IDdrzava)
JOIN status ON (status.ID=popis_golubova.IDstatus)
JOIN golub AS O ON (O.ID=popis_golubova.IDotac)
JOIN golub AS M ON (M.ID=popis_golubova.IDmajka)
JOIN golub ON (golub.ID=popis_golubova.IDgolub) 
WHERE popis_golubova.IDkorisnik='$ID_KORISNIK'
ORDER BY popis_golubova.IDgolub
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