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I was trying to clone an object in Scheme, something like

(define o1
    (new cl%
        [a 1] [b 2]))

and then

(define o2 o1)

When I used set! on o1, it changed o2 along with o1. But I want independent cloning with same attributes. What should I do?

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"When I used set! on o1, it changed o2 along with o1." That is not possible. Show your code. – user102008 Apr 20 '13 at 19:14
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Write a copy method. Then:

(define o2 (copy-cl%-thingy o1))

Like this:

(define (new aval bval)
  `(cl% [a ,aval] [b ,bval]))
(define cl%-aval caddr)
(define cl%-bval cadddr)

(define (copy-cl%-thingy o)
  (new (cl%-aval o) (cl%-bval o)))
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