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I have seen the IoC feature in membus that i have tried to hookup to SimpleInjector

IEnumerable<object> IocAdapter.GetAllInstances(Type desiredType)
var found = SimpleInjectorContainer.GetAllInstances(desiredType);
return found;

The idea is that I will register automatically all my types withy RegisterManyForOpenGeneric(typeof<CommandHandler<>),typeof<CommandHandler<>).Assembly).

No doubt for normally a good reason, SimpleInjector will not allow multiple registrations - however, I want to do this to put different aspects/concerns of command handling to be implemented by different handlers.

public void MembusBootstrap()
    this.Bus = BusSetup.StartWith<Conservative>()
    .Apply <IoCSupport>(c =>

public void SimpleInjectorBootstrap()
    this.Container.Register<HandleCommand<AccountCreatedCommand>, SetupNewAccountCommandHandler();
    // next line will throw
    this.Container.Register<HandleCommand<AccountCreatedCommand>, LogNewAccountRequestToFile>();

Certainly the IEnumerable<object> IocAdapter.GetAllInstances(Type desiredType) interface from membus expect a collection so multiple handlers can be called.

What would be the best way forward to marry Membus with SimpleInjector IoC?


I have seen other ways to wireup menbus by convention:

public interface YetAnotherHandler<in T> {
  void Handle(T msg);

public class CustomerHandling : YetAnotherHandler<CustomerCreated>

var b = BusSetup  
  .Apply<FlexibleSubscribeAdapter>(c => c.ByInterface(typeof(YetAnotherHandler<>))  

var d = bus.Subscribe(new CustomerHandling());  

But I would really like to stick with the IoC container to handle the lifetime scope, and to avoid instantiating command handlers and manually wiring them before they are required.

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You can have multiple registrations. Here is an example (apologies but my PC died today and I am writing this in notepad):

    (serviceType, implTypes) => container.RegisterAll(serviceType, implTypes),

and they can be retrieved with:

public IEnumerable<CommandHandler<T>> GetHandlers<T>()
    where T : class
    return SimpleInjectorContainer.GetAllInstances<CommandHandler<T>>();

you'll find these versions of the RegisterManyForOpenGeneric and GetAllInstances methods described here

I use this technique to support a publish/subscribe framework. You can have n number of independent CommandHandler's

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Do note though that the order of those implementations in the registered collection is nondeterministic. If the order is important, pass a sorted list onto the RegisterAll method. For instance: implTypes.OrderBy(t => t.Name). –  Steven Apr 21 '13 at 7:34

As additional information, this blog post here (disclaimer - my site) outlines how you connect MemBus to a DI Container these days.

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thanks for creating the membus tag I did not have enough mana to create :) This leads me on to a second related question about SetHandlerInterface here stackoverflow.com/questions/16125285/… –  g18c Apr 20 '13 at 21:17

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