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My site shows Gmap with few places categories (cafe, pharmacy. bank, etc...) Some categories ALWAYS returns 'ZERO_RESULTS' while Only two returns results.

Here is an example for a good request- https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js/PlaceService.FindPlaces?1m6&1m2&1d32.0644854235794&2d34.78186263896919&2m2&1d32.073468576420595&2d34.79246336103074&2siw&6sparking&callback=_xdc_._pocujy&token=76152

Here is an example for a bad request- https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js/PlaceService.FindPlaces?1m6&1m2&1d32.0644854235794&2d34.78186263896919&2m2&1d32.073468576420595&2d34.79246336103074&2siw&6sbank&callback=_xdc_._g07omw&token=49745

As you can see the 'bad' request returns this-

_xdc_._g07omw && _xdc_._g07omw( { "html_attributions" : [], "results" : [], "status" : "ZERO_RESULTS" } )

  • The answer is ZERO for any location on my map (Israel Map)
  • The Places do exist and should appear (like in maps.google.co.il)

Do you have an idea what's wrong here?

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The reason for this behavior is most likely the fact that Google hasn't yet added the actual categories (types) to all the places in its database. So, for example, a place which you actually know that it should return with "types" : [ "cafe", "restaurant", "establishment" ], it will return instead with only "types" : [ "establishment" ].

So, until the missing types are included, a less-precise workaround might be filtering those categories by name or keyword parameter, which might increase the chances of returning (at least some) relevant results.

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Can i learn from your answer that Google is using the types "establishment" as a default/replacement until it really indexing a type? –  user2302794 Apr 28 '13 at 5:05
@user2302794 Yes, that's what I meant. You can check some of the related questions and you'll see that this is an issue experienced by many users here on SO. –  Nevermore Apr 28 '13 at 11:49

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